Researcher Warns of New 64-Bit Windows Rootkit

The IT world seemed to enjoy a brief respite from the malicious attacks born from rootkits, but a familiar foe is now back with a vengeance, according to security researchers at Prevx.

The firm is now warning that an enhanced version of the TDL3 rootkit is now out in the wild, putting 64-bit versions of Windows at risk. Microsoft, for its part, says it is aware of the new rootkit and investigating. eSecurity Planet takes a look.

After a brief lull, new and improved rootkits are back. The latest iteration of one well-known kit — TDL3 — now enables hackers to compromise 64-bit Windows more easily, according to one security researcher.

According to security research firm Prevx, it’s an important escalation in the continuing spy-versus-spy cold war between researchers and hackers.

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New 64-Bit Windows Rootkit Already ‘In The Wild’

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