Older Americans Flock to Social Networking

Researchers at the Pew Internet Project will have you know that social networking technologies are no longer the province of the younger, tech-savvy generation. While sites like Facebook are still more widely used by younger Americans, Pew found that Internet users above the age of 50 are flocking to the social Web at a rapid clip.

Pew also looked at older Americans’ use of status-updating services like Twitter, which is also on the rise, albeit at a slower pace. Datamation takes a look at Pew’s findings.

When sites like Facebook and MySpace burst onto the scene, they were generally considered the playground of the young. No more.

Young people continue to flock to social sites, but not at nearly the rate of older adults, according to study released today by the Pew Internet Project.

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Who Says Social Networking Is a Young Man’s Game?

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