RSA Grows Its Data Protection Mix

SAN FRANCISCO — RSA, EMC’s  security
, moved to expand its strategy for securing encryption endpoints
in corporate networks by agreeing to purchase Valyd Software Private Ltd.
for an undisclosed sum.

Valyd’s software encrypts database and file servers, said Art Coviello,
president of RSA and executive vice president of EMC, in a meeting with
press and analysts Tuesday at the RSA Conference 2007 owned and operated by RSA.

Coviello said Valyd’s technology fills key cavities in RSA’s strategy for
enterprise data protection (EDP), the goal of which is to protect the
information stored on them from internal and external attacks.

The Valyd software, along with new strategic partnerships with CipherOptics,
Decru, NeoScale Systems and Epicor|CRS, will fortify RSA’s new Database
Security Manager and RSA File Security Manager software, both of which will
be integrated with RSA Key Manager software.

RSA Database Security Manager will provide data protection for database
software from IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Sybase, and Teradata.

RSA File Security Manager preserves data maintained in files, offering
centralized management, separation of duties and other security polices.

“The combination of information management and security is paramount,”
Coviello said in the briefing. “Security has to be built more into an
information infrastructure for us to be effective.”

EDP is crucial because regulations calling for the protection of sensitive
data to prevent identity theft and fraud have sprouted up, forcing
businesses to protect data within applications, databases, files, disk
storage systems, tape systems or networks.

EMC CEO Joseph Tucci, who joined Coviello in the media and analyst briefing,
fielded a question about what business EMC would jump into next; the storage
vendor has already gained enterprise content management by buying Documentum, server virtualization with its purchase of VMware and security provider RSA in the last few years.

Tucci said that he was quite content with the current state of EMC’s business.

“What I’ve said publicly, and I mean it, is that I like the position we have
today,” Tucci said. “Rather than do another large acquisition and put
another piece onto the EMC market pie — which we will do eventually — I
think right now for 2007, and for foreseeable months after that, I’d like to
focus on what we have.”

Tucci also indicated EMC will most likely make small acquisitions to flesh
out its portfolio. He declined to make this an definitive statement,
repeating his mantra: “you never say never.”

The executives also discussed the integration roadmap between the two
companies, pointing to Tuesday’s announcement of the incorporation of RSA security software into EMC’s Symmetrix
DMX-3 systems.

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