Say What? The Week’s Top Five IT Quotes

“It isn’t about moving too fast; it’s about the future of moving too slow. It’s about understanding that market transitions wait for no one company and no one country.”

    Cisco CEO John Chambers on the announcement of the new Cisco Cius tablet PC, seen as an enterprise-focused rival to the popular Apple iPad. (Enterprise Mobile Today)

“We cannot assume that users know how to protect themselves online.”

“It is not news that some IBM employees use Firefox. It is news that all IBM employees will be asked to use it as their default browser.”

“We actually think that it’s going to be the user interface for the world. That basically you will use your phone to look at objects that don’t traditionally have user interfaces — for example people — and you’ll pull information up on them, and be able to manipulate things.”

    Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacobs on the potential of so-called “augmented reality” technology. (GigaOm)

“We’re going to be changing the way people fly and actually touch an aircraft. We can actually reshape the pilot.”

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