Intel Says It’s Still Committed to WiMAX

As one of the main backers of WiMAX, ever move Intel makes will be considered significant. That includes disbanding its WiMAX Program Office, the internal group assembled to help promote the burgeoning wireless format. After an article in an Asian publication gave the impression Intel might withdraw its support for WiMAX, the company issued a statement that said to the contrary, Intel is committed to the growth of WiMAX. Wi-Fi Planet explains why the group was dissolved.

Intel has responded to claims the company is reducing or scaling back its commitment to the WiMAX wireless standard, saying organizational changes within the company were just that, and not a reflection of a change in commitment.

Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) was forced to post a reply affirming its commitment to WiMAX after DigiTimes, a Taiwan-based tech website, ran an article noting that Intel had dissolved its WiMAX Program Office, which was set up to promote the development of WiMAX-related technologies.

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Intel Denies Any Reduction in WiMAX Commitment

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