Smartphone, Social Threats to Mark 2011 Security

Could Apple be a victim of its own success? Security experts warn that hackers are taking square aim at popular devices like the iPhone and iPad, particular as they become mainstays in the enterprise.

Those threats become all too acute amid our growing compulsion to check into social networking sites like Facebook, now the favored hunting grounds for malware distributors.

Pair those threats with the dangers concealed in so many shortened links making the rounds on Twitter, and 2011 could get lively. In the enterprise, the stakes are high, as IT administrators know full well that they are opening the door to new vulnerabilities as they are pressed to integrate consumer-oriented devices and applications. eSecurity Planet looks ahead to the security challenges waiting in 2011.

Security software firms are gearing up for what’s expected to be another year of unprecedented growth in complex malware as hackers zero in on the most popular and least secure devices and applications to rip off consumers and infiltrate enterprise data networks.

Unlike years past when pesky spam missives and the occasionally worm or virus outbreak accounted for the bulk of security threats, 2011 figures to be long on threats that take advantage of the very attributes that make smartphones, social media and cloud computing applications so compelling to users.

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2011 Security Preview: Apple, Facebook Beware

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