Smartphones Gaining Biometric Security

As smartphones gain more compute power, they are being used for a lot more than making phone calls. With companies like Salesforce coming out with mobile phone apps, that means the phone is increasingly being used for business. And we all know how easy it is to lose a telephone. So what happens then? Enterprise Mobile Today reports that a company called BIO-Key has a solution: biometrics for your smartphone. You can lose your phone but not your finger, hopefully.

Enterprises concerned about smartphone security will soon have a new option: biometric fingerprint recognition. While few smartphones have built-in fingerprint recognition today (Samsung’s LG eXpo may be the only one in the U.S.), many more are likely to add the feature, particularly for devices used primarily for business.

The reason is a growing concern in the enterprise about how to protect sensitive data on smartphones in the event they’re lost or stolen. ABI Research recently predicted mobile banking and person-to-person payments will be authenticated by fingerprint sensors on the handset and noted enhanced mobile security features are needed in many industries subject to compliance regulations.

Read the full story at Enterprise Mobile Today:

Smartphones to Get Biometric Identity Platform for Mobile Security

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