SMBs Often a Weak Link in Cyber Security

A new report finds that small and midsized businesses are often unready, unwilling or unable to cope with the massive risk posed by cyber attacks and data breaches. That’s according to Panda Security, which found that SMBs often lack the tools and know-how necessary to effectively combat hackers and data thieves.

That puts not just their businesses at risk, but also customers and partners whose data could be accessed as a result of a successful hack or breach. Small Business Computing takes a look at Panda’s findings.

Small and midsized businesses might be the lifeblood of the U.S. economy, but according to the latest Internet security survey from Panda Security, their generally lackadaisical efforts to protect consumer data is also making them a prime target for cyber thieves.

More disturbing, particularly for customers swiping their credit cards or purchasing products and services online, the survey reveals that the vast majority of SMBs claim they don’t know how to effectively prevent identity theft, lack the resources to install the technology that could thwart the majority of cyber attacks and, worse, seem to believe that it’s really not their problem.

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What SMBs Don’t Know About Security Can Hurt You

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