Sourcefire Immunet 3 Offers DIY AV Signatures

In the face of evolving and increasingly targeted security threats, Sourcefire has released the latest version of its Immunet anti-virus tool that enables users to write their own AV signatures.

What’s more, Sourcefire plans to integrate the custom signatures with a cloud recall feature, which continuously scans for new threats, and will automatically update the custom signatures with new quarantined items.

“We keep a map of everything you’ve ever asked us and then we reconsider every four to six hours as new information emerges. So at any given time you’ll know as much about the threat landscape as we do,” Sourcefire Vice President Albert Huger explained.

Immunet 3 builds on the ongoing integration with Sourcefire’s ClamAV technology, a tie-in Sourcefire has been enhancing since the security vendor acquired Immunet earlier this year in a $21 million deal.

eSecurity Planet takes a look at Sourcefire’s release of Immunet 3.

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Sourcefire Immunet 3 Lets You Write Your Own A/V Signatures

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