Survey: 1 in 4 Users Shuts Off AV Software

Security software vendors know just how frustrating and difficult it is to say one step ahead of malware authors and hackers looking for the next sneaky way to access enterprise data networks and steal consumers’ identities.

But as eSecurity Planet reports, a new survey by Avira this week found something even more disturbing: one in four people admit they turned off the AV software at least once in the past year in effort to improve the performance of their PCs.

“[The survey results] are a clear sign for the vendors that even more care has to be taken in order not to overload the security software with features which may have a great impact on system performance,” Sorin Mustaca, an Avira data security researcher, said in the report. “In the end, when it comes to security, it is better to have minimal protection which goes unnoticed than protection with all whistles and bells which the user deactivates in order to be able to use his computer.”

More than 62 percent of consumers have purchased or tried more than one security software application in the same year in the quest to find the right mix of protection and performance for their PCs and laptops, according to a survey conducted by security software firm Avira.

The survey, which queried more than 9,000 antivirus software customers, also discovered that 25 percent of consumers turned off their AV applications at some point because they feared the security software was bogging down the performance of their computers.

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