Taking the Measure of the Twitter ‘Crime Rate’

It’s become a well-documented, if unfortunate, condition of social media that hackers and malware purveyors prey on online services such as Facebook and Twitter. Barracuda Networks decided that it was time to get scientific about it.

The firm presented research this week examining the “crime rate” on Twitter, measured by the percentage of accounts that the company has deactivated. The results? As a vehicle for spammers and online criminals, Twitter ranks somewhere between Facebook and e-mail. Datamation takes a look.

LAS VEGAS — Barracuda Networks is out this week with new research attempting to quantify how much malicious activity occurs on Twitter. Barracuda defines the Twitter “crime rate” as the percentage of accounts created per month that are eventually suspended by the company.

Barracuda presented its research here at the BSides event, down the Strip from the Black Hat security conference.

Read the full story at Datamation:

Is Twitter Less Secure Than E-mail?

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