Research Highlights iPhone 4 Antenna Woes

Consumers who bought an iPhone 4 have been in various stages of revolt amid the ongoing troubles with the device’s antenna. The problem, specifically, sees the iPhone lose signal strength when held a certain way, a condition lovelessly dubbed the “death grip.”

Defending his product, Apple CEO Steve Jobs said that the iPhone’s antenna issues were not substantively worse than those affecting rival devices. Not so, says a U.K. research firm that found through testing that the iPhone, in fact, is more prone to losing its signal than its competitors. Enterprise Mobile Today takes a look at the findings.

A technology consultancy in England has carried out a series of signal-strength tests for the iPhone 4 and other smartphones, and has concluded that while all phones do lose signal strength when held a certain way, the iPhone 4 is the most affected.

PA Consulting Group published a new report comparing Apple’s (NASDAQ: AAPL) iPhone 4 to the BlackBerry 9700 and HTC HD2. It found the BlackBerry and HD2 both see signal reduction when held a certain way, but that the iPhone 4 consistently suffered the greatest signal losses.

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Tests Show iPhone 4 Hit Hardest by ‘Death Grip’

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