Twitter Hit With Mouseover Malware Attack

Twitter’s security woes continued this week, with security-software vendor Sophos detailing a new attack that sees hackers embedding JavaScript within URLs in tweets, delivering a pop-up message that directs users to malicious or pornographic sites.

Sophos is cautioning users to employ a third-party application until Twitter addresses the mouseover flaw. In the meantime, the company says it is working on a fix. eSecurity Planet takes a look.

A mouseover hack is disrupting service on microblogging site Twitter, redirecting followers of some of the most popular users’ feeds to pornography sites and exposing their PCs and mobile devices to spam and malware.

According to security software vendor Sophos, hackers are embedding some JavaScript code into URLs in tweets that delivers a pop-up message when users run their cursors over the malicious link.

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Mouseover Hack Ravages Twitter Site

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