Major New Release of PostgreSQL

The PostgreSQL open source database system continues to advance with the addition of several features developers have long asked for.

Among other features, the new PostgreSQL 9.0 requires much lower administration than older replication tools, allowing a single sysadmin or lead developer to manage a large cluster of replicated servers without needing a full-time database expert.

But that’s not the only news about PostgreSQL. Open source projects tend to offer more details on what’s ahead than their commercial counterparts and PostgreSQL is no exception. As Datamation reports, PostgreSQL developers are already hard at work on the next version, 9.1, and one of the key team members involved in the project provides a sneak peak.

The open source PostgreSQL project is out with a major new database release this week adding in support for features that expand scalability, security and performance.

PostgreSQL 9.0 includes new features that developers have been asking about for years including replication and hot standby capabilities. The PostgreSQL 9.0 release continues the evolution of the 14 year old open source project for the new era of virtualization and cloud computing.

Read the full article at Datamation:

PostgreSQL 9 Advances Database Replication

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