Star Wars The Old Republic loads up on Oracle Java


From the ‘Force is with Oracle‘ files:

One of the most anticipated Star Wars games ever is nearing completion, thanks to some Oracle Java technology goodness.

It amazes me how tech that I write about for an enterprise audience is also very applicable for gaming too. During a Monday night keynote,Dave Moore lead platform developer at BioWare 
explained how his teams is using Java technologies to build a massive Star Wars online gaming universe.

“Star Wars The Old Republic is a Massively Multiplayer Online Game – that means we can have hundreds of thousands or potentially millions of gamers connected at one time playing,” Moore said. “The login/authentication process that asks the central server if they’re able to and entitle to play the game is all based on Java. We use Glassfish on the app server, and have multiple clusters that are kept in sync with Oracle Coherence.”

Moore also explained that the entire back-end ecommerce suite for the game is 100 percent Java.

So apparently if you want to be a Jedi Master you have some Java Masters to thank.

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