Veriflow Emerges from Stealth with Formal Verification Approach to Security

The Veriflow technology is deployed as a virtual appliance, either on premises or in the cloud, and collects information for each device in a given network. Veriflow has a deep understanding of the dataplane, which is the lowest level that defines a device’s state and includes attributes such as access control lists (ACLs) and content addressable memory (CAM) tables, which helps enable forwarding in a network. With the understanding of all the devices in a network, Veriflow’s technology builds a network-wide predictive model data flow.

“Fundamentally, we have to anticipate everything that could happen on a network, and there is literally an astronomical number of possible packets that could be injected into a network,” Brighten Godfrey, CTO at Veriflow, told eWEEK. “There is no way you can simulate that, so instead, we do mathematical, algorithmic reasoning about the distinct behaviors that could occur.”

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Veriflow Brings ‘Formal Verification’ to Network Security

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