What Microsoft Learned From Botnet Takedown

Botnets have long been a thorn in many PC users side. eSecurityPlanet reports on how Microsoft took on a major botnet threat that was being used to spread spam and malware.

The article includes Microsoft’s assessment of the botnet’s impact after the takedown operation, revealing some of the problems in tackling such a distributed beast.

Last month, Microsoft helped take down one of the largest “botnets” — networks of PCs that have been invisibly hijacked and used to spew millions of spam messages, including other malware — in the U.S.

Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) and law enforcement reported their success in late February, after they had seized some 277 Internet domains that were being used by the botnet known as Waledac.

Now, Microsoft associate general counsel Tim Cranton has posted an entry on the company’s On the Issues blog pointing to a discussion of lessons learned in the takedown.

Read the full story at eSecurityPlanet:

What Microsoft Learned About Data Security From ‘Botnet’

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