CodePlex Launches Network Monitoring Project

The wait is over for .NET developers. Microsoft’s open source CodePlex Foundation has opened its second project gallery, establishing as the inaugural project an effort to improve network monitoring technology.

Code Guru has the story about the new CodePlex NetMons Parser project, which aims to bridge the gap between Windows developers and their counterparts working in environments like Samba.

Good news for .NET developers, the CodePlex Foundation is moving forward on its goal of expanding open source participation in projects from its sponsor Microsoft.

On Wednesday, the CodePlex Foundation announced the Systems Infrastructure and Integration Gallery, its second project gallery, which will serve as a top-level grouping for open source systems projects that the foundation will help to nurture and promote.

The Systems Infrastructure gallery, which follows the ASP.NET Open Source Gallery, is part of the foundation’s goal of helping to promote interoperability among heterogeneous networking environments.

“As you look at the mixture of proprietary and open source development projects there seems to be more and more overlap,” Paula Hunter, executive director of the CodePlex Foundation, told “The Systems Infrastructure and Integration Gallery will provide tools to help software engineers incorporate interoperability. We’ll be providing the tools to assist developers in using the features of the Windows platform that provide interoperability and ensuring that we have more open source participation in this process.”

Read the full story at Code Guru:

Codeplex Foundation Digs Into Network Monitoring

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