Zscaler Leverages the Cloud for Email Security

The bad news is that spam and phishing attacks continue to become more sophisticated and, in many cases, more successful in their attempts to exploit both consumers and enterprise users. The good news is security firms are constantly tuning and updating their products to better defend against online threats.

eSecurity Planet reports on the latest update from Zscaler, which has added email security to its Web security offering. The new offering includes integrated reporting down to the transaction level so IT managers can get reports detailing exactly when, where and how email destined for the network was created.

Zscaler this week delivered its latest cloud-based email security application designed to scan and secure messages sent from any device before it enters or leaves a customer’s email system.

As an ancillary benefit, the new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) suite also simplifies IT management and administration because it forces the CIO and his or her staff to adopt security procedures that deal with Web and messaging threats on an equal basis regardless of whether or not they’re sent from a smartphone, laptop or desktop PC from within or outside the corporate firewall.

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Zscaler Brings Email Security to the Cloud

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