A Picture is Worth More Than Words On eBay

eBay sellers without scanning capability
or a digital camera will no longer need to rely only on words to describe their products.

The auction site has teamed up with the Eastman Kodak Co. and its subsidiary,
PictureVision Inc. to enable sellers to easily add photos without using a

The companies formed a three-year strategic alliance that calls for
co-branding and marketing between eBay and the 40,000 Kodak
PhotoNet retailers. eBay users will be able to bring 35 mm.
film to a Kodak PhotoNet retailer where it will be scanned and uploaded to a
secure eBay URL. Sellers can then access their images through a co-branded
eBay and Kodak PhotoNet online Web interface and automatically attach the
images to their eBay listings.

“eBay’s innovative use of our Kodak PhotoNet online services and technology
to help its users with their auction listings is a terrific demonstration of the power, ease and utility of digital imaging and online
photography,” said Carl E. Gustin, Jr., Kodak’s chief marketing officer and senior vice president.

“This is
one of those unique applications for which a picture is indeed worth a
thousand words.”

The agreement also calls for eBay to provide online links to promote the
use of Kodak PhotoNet online to its customers for use in eBay auctions. PictureVision, Kodak and eBay said they will also explore other online and offline activities to promote the service.

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