Aladdin, Wave Complete Product Integration

Aladdin Knowledge Systems Ltd., a developer of
solutions for secure licensing and distribution of digital content, and Wave Systems Corp. said they completed the
integration of Aladdin’s software execution control system technologies into
Wave’s WaveMeter chip.

Tel Aviv, Israel-based Aladdin’s system consists of the Aladdin Shell and HASP
and Hardlock key.

The integration, resulting from the two companies’ June 1997 partnership
agreement, “provides the foundation for a new model of electronic commerce and
distribution of digital content in a secure and flexible environment,” the
companies said.

In December, Wave and IBM announced an agreement to “find ways to
inexpensively incorporate the WaveMeter into PC products and to support each
other in achieving industry-wide adoption of the WaveMeter technology by
systems manufacturers.”

The first stage of the Aladdin-Wave technology integration provides the
Aladdin security shell for the WaveMeter, and the second stage ensures that
Aladdin’s developer customers are fully compatible with the future installed
base of WaveMeters, whether used for security or distribution.

New York-based Wave’s agreement with IBM will potentially enable consumers to
rent and purchase digital content directly from their desktops using the
WaveMeter, and Aladdin’s technology will allow developers of that content to
secure their intellectual property against unauthorized access, use and

The WaveMeter measures the usage of software and digital content at the user’s
site, and enables users to securely try, use, rent and purchase software and
other digital content.

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