AOL Cuts Its Own Record of MusicNet

America Online, Inc., is releasing it own beta version of MusicNet, the premium music service formed by RealNetworks Inc. and AOL Time Warner and music publishers Bertelsmann and EMI Group. Last week, RealNetworks released it the RealOne, its version of the pay-for-play service.

AOL’s new digital music subscription service will be priced at $9.95 per month and entitle subscribers with access to 100 streams and 100 downloads per month from a selection of over 78,000 songs. The service will offer a searchable database. The service will not, however, allow for the burning of downloads to CDs.

“The introduction of MusicNet 1.0 will expand our range of music offerings and represents an important starting point for an entirely new way to purchase music online. Tens of millions of consumers across the AOL Service and AOL’s Web brands already enjoy a wide range of options to conveniently discover, experience and buy music online. Together with our existing programming, products and services, MusicNet 1.0 will enhance members’ choices and create valuable new opportunities to expand the market for owning music,” said Kevin Conroy, senior vice president and general manager of AOL Music.

MusicNet 1.0 will feature music from artists such as Christina Aguilera, Brandy, Corrs, Eric Clapton, Dandy Warhols, D’Angelo, Everclear, Ben Harper, Faith Hill, Alan Jackson, matchbox twenty, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Britney Spears, Vitamin C, and Robbie Williams. The service will also include classical, jazz, opera and world music releases.

AOL Music reaches the largest audience of online music fans in the world through an array of programming, products and services. AOL Music’s offerings include the number one Internet music destination, AOL’s Music Channel; online radio products, [email protected] and Spinner; and the most popular audio jukebox player, Winamp.

AOL Music also provides music programming, products and services throughout the AOL Service, AOL High-Speed Broadband, and AOL’s family of Web brands, including Netscape, CompuServe, AIM and ICQ.

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