Launches E-Business Site Monitoring Solution launched Lateral Line
Network, a hosted Internet infrastructure management service offering
e-businesses data on the performance, availability and usage of their Web

The company said Lateral Line Network “is the first service that observes the
performance of every product, service and system that affects the end users’
Web site experience.”

Launch partners and beta customers include [email protected], Inktomi Corp.,
Deloitte Consulting,, Service,,, Juno Online Services, Red Hat Inc., Campus
Pipeline Inc.,, and AMC Computer Corp.

Lateral Line Network continuously tracks all elements of the Web delivery
chain: Web servers, Web applications, external service providers, content
servers and the network. Appliant said that Lateral Line Network:

  • Captures and correlates real transactions from real users
  • Measures end-to-end performance across internal systems and external
    service providers

  • Delivers information and actionable recommendations through hosted reports
    and real-time alerts

  • Identifies problems that could occur and reports problems that did occur

“We enlisted input from a wide range of e-business leaders to find out what
is most important to them in managing their Web sites and their answer was
understanding the experience of their customers,” said Brian Bershad,
chairman and chief executive officer of

“We listened to them and designed Lateral
Line Network, an effective, easy-to-use Web site management service that
meets the needs of both the smallest and largest e-businesses.”

The first in a series of service offerings from, Lateral Line
Network is a subscription service with pricing that begins at $1,500 per
month. Competition in this space includes established player Keynote.

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