Auction Universe Offers 10% Rebate on Purchases During April

Auction Universe said that during
the month of April, Auction Universe will offer a 10 percent rebate on all Bid$afe

It will also award, on behalf of its merchants, up to $200 to each of its
buyers this month in the form of BidBucks, which can be used to buy even more
items from the merchants on the site.

“We are now the first online auction site to hold a “sale” to support both
our consumers and our merchants through a loyalty program that puts money in
both their pockets,” said Larry Schwartz, president and general manager of
Auction Universe.

When a Bid$afe member (enrollment is free) purchases any item from an
Auction Universe Bid$afe or FirstBidWins auction between April 1 and
midnight on April 30, that buyer receives 10 percent of the total purchase price in
BidBucks. These BidBucks can be redeemed toward future Bid$afe purchases on
the site. After April, BidBucks are earned at 1 percent of the total purchase price.
Merchants pay no additional fees to participate in the BidBucks award program.

“Over the last six months, we have introduced Bid$afe, Bid$afe Gold and
FirstBidWins. The 10 percent rebate will be the first of many more great loyalty
programs for Auction Universe members,” said Schwartz.

The heart of the Bid$afe program is Auction Universe’s role as a secure
intermediary. All payments for Bid$afe auction items go through Auction
Universe, which charges the buyer’s credit card and holds the funds until
participants are satisfied with the exchange. This service is available to
members at no charge. Bid$afe Gold provides more security, for a fee.

FirstBidWins is a fixed priced service that allows any seller to open a
‘storefront’ on the Auction Universe network. Merchants or consumers who
simply want to get a flat sum for their merchandise can list their item, name
their price, and the first offer that comes in at that price is the winner.
Auction Universe is operated by newspaper consortium Classified Ventures Inc.

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