AudioBase Debuts Preview Solution

AudioBase Tuesday announced its new music previewing solution at the
WebNoize conference in Los Angeles.

Entertainment industry companies, such as TicketmasterOnline-CitySearch, have embraced AudioBase to drive their
online music promotions. In addition to TicketmasterOnline-CitySearch,
AudioBase’s Java technology is being used for music previewing by Sony Music, K-tel Online, Levi’s Music,, MediaX’s amuZnet and

AudioBase is encoding a library of one million popular audio clips from the
Muze database, which music marketers and record labels can use to promote
their content online. AudioBase music clips can be featured on a Web site, or
streamed into banner ads or email messages for outward-bound marketing

AudioBase eliminates plug-ins by loading a lightweight Java applet whenever a
visitor enters an AudioBase partner Web site. The music clip is then streamed
and played automatically inside the user’s browser, without need for a
plug-in installation and configuration.

“AudioBase offers a full suite of technologies and services so music
marketers can promote their music and their brand online. We deliver a
single, comprehensive audio solution that can be used for email, banners and
Web sites,” said AudioBase Founder and Chief Executive Officer David Haynes.

“And with
AudioBase, our partner’s brand is never diluted. Our partner defines and
controls the user experience. Their content and message is the only thing a
consumer sees and hears.”

AudioBase provides a solution for its music partners that includes hosting
and streaming audio clips, detailed tracking of user actions and listens, and
customized reporting. Its 7K Java applet can be played on nearly every Web
browser currently in use.

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