Arbortext to Release New Versions of XML Apps

XML e-content software provider Arbortext Tuesday announced the scheduled release of both modular Epic 3.0 and Adept 9.0 for mid-December.

Epic and Adept are software packages that support XML users’ information creation, publication and personalization needs. With this release, Epic and Adept will have a common interface.

Arbortext sees this release as an opportunity for current Adept users to preserve their investment and have a simpler migration to Epic, the more advanced of the two applications. Customers will also be able to purchase elements tailored to their exact needs in a modular fashion.

Adept allows authors to write text, create tables, place graphics, and author Web content, books, manuals, catalogs, encyclopedias, and other business and technical documents. Because Adept Editor supports the creation of multilevel compound documents, which both enables and encourages reuse, multiple authors can collaborate simultaneously on the same document.

Epic includes all of Adept’s features and incorporates additional capabilities, such as personalization of documents, so that they are tailored to the audience viewing them, and structure-specific viewing, navigation and editing functions.

Key improvements in the two products are the following:

  • A simplified, common interface
  • Additional print publishing options
  • PDF publishing capabilities available for all document types
  • A “turbo styler” wizard that enables users to create stylesheets quickly

Arbortext is also planning to release a less-expensive, simplified version of Adept: Adept Editor Lite Edition (LE). Adept Editor LE is an XML/SGML editor with a user interface designed for the occasional e-content contributor.

The product is targeted toward less-technical e-content providers within an organization who need an XML editor solely to create and revise XML or SGML content. Examples of Adept Editor LE’s simplicity are its one-row toolbar, simple menus and Adept common word processor interface features.

Arbortext LE is fully scaleable to the more advanced versions of Arbortext products.

Pricing for Epic 3.0 and Adept 9.0 varies depending on number of seats purchased, type of licensing sought, and the number of modules desired.

Epic and all product options are available as fixed and concurrent licenses, with the exception of Adept Editor LE and CD-ROM publishing, which are available only as fixed licenses.

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