Baltimore Releases Developer Toolkits

Dublin, Ireland-based Baltimore Technologies, an information security and cryptography company, released new developer toolkits for electronic commerce security.

The products, C/SSL and J/SSL, are designed to enable programmers to develop secure applications that communicate over the Internet, the company said.

The toolkits allow application programmers to add security to Internet applications including electronic banking, online trading, and remote access.

Baltimore Technologies said the products implement the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol, the de-facto standard for client-server secure communications.

To date, non-US software companies have been hindered by the lack of full-strength security toolkits for Internet applications, Baltimore said. These new products ensure that European Internet developers can integrate full-strength SSL into any application for the worldwide market.

Paddy Holahan, vice president of Baltimore Technologies, said: “Our range of toolkits combined with the UniCERT Certification Authority system provides the necessary technology for almost any Internet business.” Pricing was not disclosed.

J/SSL is 100% Pure Java and will therefore work on all Java Virtual Machines. It supports all popular Java cryptographic engines such as Baltimore Technologies J/CRYPTO and is available immediately.

C/SSL is a high-speed toolkit based on Baltimore Technologies’ Crypto Systems Toolkit (CST) product. It is portable to a wide variety of platforms including Windows (16-bit and 32-bit), Linux, Solaris, VMS, MVS, Sun-OS and HP-UX. C/SSL will ship in May 1998.

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