Bank of America Deploys Online Credit Account Access

Concorde Solutions Inc., a Bank of
company, along with Hitachi
now offers BankAmericacard customers secure online access to their
accounts using Concorde CreditCard OnLine (CCOL).

CCOL is a result of the cooperative agreement announced one year ago between
Concorde Solutions and Hitachi to develop Internet-enabled software for
banking applications using Hitachi’s TPBroker Object Transaction Manager.

BankAmericard customers may retrieve up-to-the-minute account balances and
available credit, and view up to seven months of historical activity. The
statement history is downloadable directly into financial management software.

Concorde said it will now market CCOL to a wide range of financial

“CCOL is ready for fast track implementation in any bank that deals with
credit cards and wants to provide state of the art for its customers. Banks
can save themselves from building from scratch the extensive infrastructure
required to implement this complex technology,” said Isaac Appelbaum,
president of Concorde Solutions.

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