Barriers to Internet Commerce Explored In New US Interactive White Paper

US Interactive published a White Paper exploring the difficulties of Internet commerce and identifying specific hurdles that merchants need to clear.

Written by US Interactive’s Ken Crutchfield, the report is entitled “Barriers
to Internet Commerce–Then and Now.”

“The document outlines the changing Internet landscape and offers general
insight for businesses looking to develop successful Internet commerce
strategies,” said Crutchfield.

“While the white paper investigates the intricacies of the changing Internet
industry, it also identifies the distinct phases that structure Internet
commerce including Electronic
Marketing, Electronic Order Taking, Electronic Business and Electronic
Enterprise. Successful navigation of these key phases will strategically
position a company for exploiting its business opportunities in cyberspace.”

Crutchfield, who joined US Interactive from LEXIS/NEXIS in February 1998 as
the director of strategic planning and development, is a 15-year veteran of
the interactive industry.

Copies of the report are available through US Interactive’s Marketing Department. Pricing was not disclosed. Contact Judy Miller by phone at 610-651-0480 ext. 161, or via e-mail. An excerpt from the paper is available on the US Interactive Web site.

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