Breakthrough Software Announces ShopZone

Breakthrough Software Inc. released an online store development product called ShopZone.

The company also launched a corresponding developer program that provides
qualified Web developers with run-time licenses for the software,
complimentary Not-for-Resale copies for prototyping use, and critical tools,
technical information and joint marketing programs essential to developing
secure online stores.

For a limited time, qualified developers will join the program free and
receive ShopZone at no charge if they develop a site within 30 days.

According to Steve Wozniak, Apple co-founder and a Breakthrough board of
directors member, “Just as in the early days of computing when a handful of
products fueled the PC revolution, so too will products like ShopZone fuel the
Internet e-commerce revolution.”

ShopZone is a full-featured development platform designed for professional Web
developers with some e-commerce experience. ShopZone, specifically designed
for small- to medium-sized business sites under $25 million, provides an easy-
to-use yet comprehensive and customizable program that can speed up the
development cycle, the company said.

“Our first product, Internet Business Breakthrough, pioneered the concept of a
turnkey solution to anyone looking to set up shop online,” said Trevor R. Stout, Breakthrough co-founder and chief executive officer. “With ShopZone, we
focus most intently on helping the Web developer address the myriad range of
customer needs in order to create a profitable and sustainable online store.”

Features include: wizards for product catalog, shopping cart, order forms,
rates, tax schedules, discussion groups, electronic forms and an integral
search engine; back-end configuration with major ISPs; integration with
popular editors such as Microsoft FrontPage; integration with Quickbooks;
built-in relational database ODBC connectivity and offline site preview;
built-in site management as well as
secure SSL server, CyberCash and IC Verify support.

ShopZone, priced at $995, will be available for download at the company’s Web site.

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