Brilliant Digital Introduces New Genre of Online Music Content

In a move to place the company into the Internet music business as a playback alternative, Brilliant Digital Entertainment Inc., has created a new form of online music entertainment.

The Brilliant Animated Music (BAM) genre touts 3-D animated streaming music videos that do not require audio download and deliver real-time, full-screen playback and interactivity. Brilliant has retained several industry veterans, including Grammy-nominated record producer Lee Jaffe as executive director to lead the group’s music development efforts.

An agreement has been signed with Dreamworks Records to produce one of the first animated digital video recordings made especially for the Internet.

“Brilliant Digital’s BAM video offers a paradigm shifting alternative to playing music over the Internet,” stated Kevin Bermeister, president of Brilliant Digital Entertainment.

“Our objective is to capture a significant portion of this emerging online business and to add to it with new production and distribution revenue,” continued Bermeister. “With the use of our b3d production technology, we are able to provide a total package for consumers, record labels and production companies interested in exploring music distribution on the Web. BAM delivers advanced 3-D animation and interactivity with online promotion and e-commerce opportunities.”

BAM titles feature animated likenesses of artists and/or characters created through the use of Brilliant Digital’s own b3d production software technology.

The b3d animation technology produces 3-D animation with smaller file sizes, while the Brilliant Digital Projector delivers the content simultaneously in real time, which provides viewers with an interactive online entertainment experience in a format that is authorized and approved by record companies; BAM productions are created in tandem with the labels and artists and distributed under mutually agreed upon terms.

BAM features include interactivity, whereby a viewer is able to click onto the artist to interact with and/or learn more about them, and online sales potential with the ability to click on various icons to purchase CDs directly from the desktop.

In addition, directors and artists used to producing traditional music videos can experiment with animation at a lower cost than large-scale video productions.

“BAM represents one of the most exciting advancements in music delivery on the Internet,” said Jaffe. “The industry has been searching for a reasonable solution to the issues of time-consuming downloads, copy protection and distribution, herky-jerky video image playback, and artist promotion over the Internet. Brilliant has answered with content that far exceeds anything that has been viewed on the Internet to date.”

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