Certicom, Baltimore Technologies Partner

Certicom Corp. established a worldwide partnership with Baltimore Technologies under which Baltimore will integrate Certicom’s elliptic curve cryptography (ECC)
technology into its entire line of information security products.

With this agreement, Baltimore will be the first company to provide Java developers with an ECC security toolkit. Baltimore will incorporate Certicom’s ECC technology into its comprehensive range of products,
including its UniCERT Certification Authority (CA) software, to provide authentication and non-repudiation (proof of action) to the participants in an electronic transaction.

Baltimore will also incorporate the ECC technology into its range of Java cryptography toolkits, allowing JAVA developers to build ECC security technology into any Java application. Until now, Java developers have not had access to ECC technology.

The Certicom-Baltimore Technologies alliance will provide a fast, efficient security solution for next-generation e-commerce applications and electronic
systems, such as pager stock trading, wireless Internet shopping, online and wireless banking, and electronic payment systems.

Baltimore Technologies provides Information Security products and systems. Its products include solutions for secure e-mail and electronic commerce.

Certicom provides cryptographic technologies for computing and communications companies. Certicom’s cryptographic research and product development is based in Toronto, Ontario, with sales and marketing
operations based in San Mateo, CA.

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