Commerce One Delivers BuySite 3.1 Electronic Procurement App

Commerce One Inc., a
provider of Web-based electronic procurement solutions that link buying and
selling organizations in real-time trading communities, delivered its BuySite
3.1 Electronic Procurement Application.

Commerce One said BuySite is the first electronic procurement solution to
embed Microsoft’s Site Server 3.0 Commerce Edition and offer full support for the Microsoft Commerce Interchange Pipeline (CIP).

As a result, enterprise organizations can now purchase a fully-integrated,
open, standards-based electronic commerce solution to manage the procurement
of all products and services necessary for business operations, the company

BuySite 3.1 is designed to enable businesses to integrate with other
applications, map to traditional EDI formats and thereby maximize their IT
investment in various platform technologies. In addition, the company said
that enterprise
can simplify interactions with their suppliers to enable the processing of key
commerce transactions such as purchase order processing and status checks, the
company said.

BuySite 3.1 includes the recently announced Commerce One Multi-Supplier
Catalog (MSC). Additionally, Commerce One BuySite customers can gain
real-time access
to their suppliers via the Commerce One Electronic Commerce Network (ECN).

“We believe that more applications will be written to the Microsoft Site
Server Commerce Edition
platform moving forward, and embedding CIP into Commerce One BuySite today
ensures that our customers keep pace with the market through solutions that
are compatible with existing standards,” said Mark Hoffman, Commerce One
president and CEO.

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