Compaq Claims Success in International PKI Tests

Compaq Computer
announced today that the first nation-to-nation Public-Key Infrastructure (PKI) cross-certification test, which took place on June 1 between the governments of Singapore and Canada, was successfully completed.

The new PKI environments employing public-key technology are designed to guarantee the authentication and security necessary for conducting electronic transactions.

Compaq said the June 1 trial, which involved Canada’s Deputy Minister of Commerce buying a book from a Singapore retailer, was the first of its kind in which different countries’ PKIs interfaced with each other to secure an international transaction.

The cross-certification test was comprised of requests for certificates that were successfully accepted between the Singapore and Canadian PKI systems’ certificate directories. The requested certificates act to securely
authenticate the users conducting the transactions.

In addition, Comapaq said cross certification of certificates between the certification authorities were also successfully secured, as well as interoperability of encrypted and digitally signed transactions.

The Singapore PKI technology, which is operated by South Asia Certification Authority Netrust Pte. Ltd., is based on Compaq’s iTP Certificate Security Solution (CSS), a main component of Compaq’s e-commerce product line.

“With technical interoperability now established, secure global
electronic commerce can begin to flow over the Internet or any public
PKI-enabled networks,” said Patrick Smyth, vice president and general
manager of electronic commerce for the Tandem division of Compaq.

“We are pleased to be working with forward-looking Netrust by providing highly reliable and scalable Compaq electronic commerce solutions to build Singapore’s advanced infrastructure into the new century.”

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