John Sculley Joins BuyComp Board of Directors

BuyComp LLC, an Internet-only computer retail store, said that John Sculley, a partner in Sculley Brothers LLC and former chief executive officer of Apple Computer, has joined the company’s board of directors.

“It is my intention to bring to the board Sculley’s maturity, wisdom and
experience that is necessary to run a successful company,” said Scott Blum,
founder and president of BuyComp LLC. “I look forward to Sculley’s guidance
and advice to help management form important business decisions.”

Other current board members include Bill Richion, former Hewlett Packard vice
president and director of the U.S. Sales operation; Jim Roszak, former
president of the Life Insurance Company, Transamerica Life Companies; Wayne
Thorson, president, Thorson Industries; Don Kendall, co-founder and former
chairman and chief executive officer, PepsiCo.; Scott Blum, founder and
president of BuyComp LLC.

Sculley is currently a partner with his brothers Arthur and David in Sculley
Brothers, a family investment capital firm that focuses on media enabling
technologies, Internet Services and consumer businesses.

The company’s multimedia investments include: NetObjects; Live Picture; Zapa
Digital Arts; Veon; SoftVideo; Cambridge Display Technologies; and Sirius
Thinking. The
company’s internet service investments include Intralinks, Live World
Productions, PeopleScape and Greentree.

BuyComp is an online retail Web site complete with detailed product
information and comparisons on over 30,000 computer hardware and software
products. The site includes specific product categories such as buycomputers,
buynotebooks, buystorage, etc.

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