Controversy Over Bing’s Search Share

Microsoft’s release of the Bing search engine last year shook up a market dominated by Google. While Google is still the clear leader, Microsoft’s big marketing budget and Bing’s innovative features pushed Microsoft’s search share up a notch and brought more competition to the game.

But as ecommerce-guide reports, a controversy is brewing around just how search share is calculated.

Bing began its second year of operation at the end of May but it didn’t get any birthday presents, except for maybe not losing any ground to Google.

Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) Bing’s share of the global search market remained nearly flat in May compared with April, according to numbers released Friday by Web analytics firm comScore (NASDAQ: SCOR).

However, a controversy has come up over how to define a “search.”

Recently, both Bing and Yahoo (NASDAQ: YHOO) have introduced “slide show” features that are counted as searches as users scroll through them, causing the numbers to be a little off from previous measurements, post on the company’s blog.

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