Customer Service Rating Site Launches

Dallas, TX-based launched a customer
service Web site that allows consumers to enter comments, complaints or
compliments about a company or its products and services.

The comments are posted on the site for public viewing. Companies are then
ranked based upon the comments, complaints and compliments that they receive.
Companies are
automatically e-mailed with the information via the company
database and given a chance to respond on the site.

The company said the site is an intermediary between
consumers and companies that has the following goals:

  • To improve the quality of customer service worldwide
  • To develop standards for customer service interaction
  • To simplify the process of getting customer service for consumers
  • To reduce customer service costs for companies

The public forum approach adds more weight to consumer comments since
companies will be ranked, giving a “power of the press” effect, the site
operators said.

Corporate licencees can display the mark on their Web sites
and demonstrate their commitment to quality customer service.
The revenue model is via sponsorship, advertising and corporate membership.

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