Cyberian Outpost Joins Excite, WebCrawler Shopping Channels

Cyberian Outpost, an online retailer of
computer products, said it joined Excite Inc. as a tenant on both the Excite and WebCrawler Shopping Channels.

The Kent, CT-based company announced it is now a member of Excite’s Certified
Merchant Program (CMP).

Under terms of the agreement, Cyberian Outpost’s tenant position on Excite’s
Shopping Channel is a premium sponsorship program focusing on computer and
software shopping subchannels on the Excite and WebCrawler Services. Financial details were not disclosed.

As an Excite Certified Merchant, Cyberian Outpost has been identified by
Excite as a select online merchant with the highest levels and standards of
customer service, reliability, and security.

Darryl Peck, president and CEO of Cyberian Outpost, said that as a certified
merchant, “Excite and WebCrawler customers shopping for computer software and
hardware products can rest assured they are purchasing in one of the safest
online environments possible.”

Excite and WebCrawler customers can link directly to Cyberian Outpost’s site
and will be offered exclusive product promotions and specials through
prominent banner advertisements. Customers will also see the “Excite
Guaranteed Logo” next to the Cyberian Outpost Logo indicating that it has been approved for safe shopping.

The Certified Merchant Program is backed by the Excite Safe Shopping Guarantee when a credit card purchase is made.

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