CyberSafe Opens Program For Enterprise Security

CyberSafe Corp. unveiled today the
TrustConnection security program designed to help systems integrators,
software vendors, value added resellers, and consultants promote
enterprise-wide security.

The TrustConnection program for Secure Solution partners aims to help the
members implement CyberSafe’s newly released TrustBroker Security Suite,
which provides tools to assist enterprises in maintaining employee password
security solutions, incorporating public key/private key technologies, and
utilizing other security devices such as token and smart cards.

The program will offer training, marketing, and technical support, as well
as deliver case studies and white papers.

The new TrustBroker Security
includes CyberSafe’s Single Sign-On (SSO) product, a multiuser
authentication solution, and the TrustBroker Web Agent, which provides
security for corporate and remote access users.

The suite also supports Entrust
public-key infrastructure (PKI) product line and
integrates RSA’s encryption and
authentication technology.

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