Death Comes to the Internet

The Neptune Society, one of the nation’s largest cremation companies,
launched an e-commerce Web site to market its
services “pre-need,” as they say in the industry.

The Neptune Society said it has provided “an easier, non-intimidating,
low-pressure atmosphere” on its site as an alternative to the traditionally
sales-focused environment associated with the industry.

The Neptune Society’s Pre-Need Program enables an individual to legally
contract with the company at a guaranteed fixed-price for a pre-arranged and
pre-funded cremation service, as well as obtain at-need service information

“In keeping with Neptune Society’s watchwords of providing simplicity,
dignity and an
economical alternative to individuals, the first phase launch of the Web site
provides yet another venue for the company to provide alternatives to the
consumer,” said Marco Markin, president of the company.

“We are establishing ourselves now because five to ten years down the road,
the boomers may need our services. Boomers are planners and Net surfers, so
this is a logical move for us,” said Gary Loffredo, executive vice president
of the company.

The Neptune Society is the only publicly traded company dealing solely in
cremation services. It has locations in California, Florida and New York.

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