E-Commerce Enabler Offers “Domain Parking”

9 Net Avenue, an Internet
commerce service provider, launched “Park Your Domain Free” as an addition to
its Web hosting services, allowing merchants with businesses of all sizes to
reserve a domain name for future use, free of all upfront and hosting fees.

Businesses that wait until their Web site is completed and ready to be
published run the risk of their chosen name being reserved, making it
difficult for visitors to locate
the site, the company said.

“The Internet has become an extremely effective and competitive arena for all
types of businesses,” said Yuri Frid, vice president of sales and new business
development at 9 Net Avenue. “With the growing number of merchants setting up
Web sites and storefronts on the Internet, it is imperative to reserve domain
name preference immediately, regardless of the time it will take to develop a
full site. We have developed the “Park Your Domain Free” service for our
customers as a response to the growing concern of domain name reservation.”

9 Net Avenue offers several plans that scale to meet customer requirements,
including the 9 Net One Plan, targeted towards businesses making their first
moves into Web
hosting and Internet commerce, the 9 Net Prime Plan, offering small and
medium businesses a greater number of services, and the 9 Net Pro Plan,
designed for
businesses interested in taking full advantage of the Internet, including
resellers, webmasters and Internet commerce merchants. These services include
a set up fee ranging from $34.95 to $69.95 and a monthly hosting fee ranging
from $14.95 to $39.95.

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