E-Commerce Site Deploys New 3-D Rendering Technology

Synthonics Inc.
said that Acoustic Research is using its patented Rapid Virtual Reality (RVR)
technology, an inexpensive imaging process for creating realistic three-dimensional (3-D) models of any object or environment.

Designed by KnowledgeLINK for the Acoustic Research company, the Web site features 3-D replicas
of stereo speakers, digital replicas that the buyer can view from any
perspective, magnify and even measure online. An additional feature allows the
cybershopper to remove the speakers’ cabinet and examine the individual
speaker drivers.

Users follow the “Browse” link to the “Product Catalog,” then to the “High
Output” and “Floor Standing” links. After selecting a specific stereo speaker
to view, users can select a “3-D Link” and download a free viewer to examine
the objects in 3-D.

According to Sunil Mehrotra, president and CEO of
KnowledgeLINK, adding the 3-D digital function to the Web site replicates the
buying experience in a store and increases the customer’s level of confidence
in the purchase.

“Buying online is difficult for some people, as it’s hard to get a sense of
what the product looks and feels like in real life,” said Mehrotra. “Customers
accessing Web sites with RVR-generated objects will be able to examine
products the same way they would in a store.”

Synthonics’ RVR process makes it possible to convert static images into
accurate 3-D, photorealistic digital objects that can be thoroughly examined
on a PC.

“The technology is perfectly suited to electronic commerce applications, since
products can be presented as photo-realistic 3-D models in files small enough
to transport easily and quickly across the Internet,” said F. Michael Budd,
president and CEO of Synthonics. “Most importantly,
construction of these models is very affordable.”

KnowledgeLINK, also based in Westlake Village, develops e-commerce solutions
for consumer electronics, home appliance, home automation and health care
manufacturers and service providers.

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