e-Lock Aims to Unlock Security Secrets

Frontier Technologies launched e-Lock this week, a new security site that
provides an array of tools for security professionals and e-commerce

“eLock.com is a composite of the most crucial information, security knowledge
and software resources designed for those involved with integrating and
implementing IPSec VPN (IP Security Virtual Public Network), public key
infrastructure (PKI), digital signature, and other key information security
technologies,” said Prakash Ambegaonkar, chairman and CEO of Frontier.

The Security FAQ section of eLock.com provides information on such topics as
Cryptography Systems, Keys and Certificates, Secure Operations, e-Sign, and
Key and Certificate Managers. Visitors to the site may also post to the
eLock.com Webmaster.

White papers currently available at eLock.com include: Public Key Encryption
Systems–A Primer; Public Key Distribution Using Directory Services; and
Security Architecture. In addition, a security Glossary is available with
links to related security topics and additional resources that may be of

eLock.com also offers information and beta versions of the soon-to-be
released e-Lock Toolkit from Frontier Technologies. The e-Lock Toolkit is
comprised of the e-Lock Secure Messaging Toolkit, the e-Lock PKI Client
Toolkit, and the e-Lock VPN Toolkit. All of the e-Lock Toolkits are
standards-based and can easily be integrated with the e-Lock Public Key
Infrastructure (PKI).

The Downloads section of eLock.com provides trial software applications
designed to allow users to immediately protect their digital corporate wealth.

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