EDS Combats Cyber Crime

If e-commerce firms can not convince skeptical consumers that their online
goods and serves are secure, the holiday shopping season on the horizon
could flat-line online sales this year.

At least that’s the theory behind Electronic
Data Systems Corp.
addition of cyber-security services to its high-tech
portfolio Tuesday.

The IT consulting firm launched its Global Information Assurance Services
Group, tasked with delivering a range of security services designed to
combat cyber crime on the Net.

Dick Brown, EDS chairman and chief executive officer, said
concern for security is a significant impediment to realizing the full
potential in the Digital Economy.”

“EDS has been protecting information for its clients since it founded the
IT services industry more than 35 years ago,” Brown said. “There is no
company today whose offerings in the area of cyber security are more

The Global EDS Information Assurance Services group consists of information
assurance teams from around the world. The new organization offers security
services encompassing network architecture security reviews, intellectual
property theft, and credit card fraud on the Internet.

In order to develop online sales for its e-commerce clients, EDI security
task force will perform risk assessments, network system audits, security
policy reviews, training, monitoring, and compliance services in order to
illuminate their Web vulnerabilities.

EDS tapped IT security veteran Shakil Kidwai, to lead its new cyber crime
fighting business unit. Kidwai said its focus is takes an enterprise-wide
view of security issues.

“The best way to ensure a 24×7, year-round defense of IT systems is to
provide an active, ongoing solution to the problem,” Kidwai said. “EDS is
the leading systems integrator for client security needs through our
partnerships with the foremost product vendors in the information assurance

EDS’ end-to-end portfolio of services integrates four business lines
together to provide 9,000 worldwide clients with management consulting,
e-solutions, business process management and information solutions services.

In a year that saw some of the Internet’s best known sites almost wiped off
the Web by denial of service attacks and widespread e-mail virus
proliferation, e-commerce companies should make cyber-security a top
priority this year.

EDI believes the real risk for e-commerce firms is if they fail to respond
to consumers security concerns. An EDS/Information Technology Association
of America survey indicated that more than 60 percent of respondents are
less likely to do business over the Internet because they fear falling
victim to online crime.

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