Enhanced Services to Acquire License from POWERx

Enhanced Services Company Inc. in Los Angeles said that
its subsidiary,
Medibanx.com has signed a letter of intent to
acquire an exclusive license from National Health and Safety Corp. for its
POWERx Medical Benefits Network for e-commerce use.

Medibanx.com plans to roll out its program to provide discount medical,
hospitalization and pharmacy services online in January.

Under the terms of the agreement, Enhanced will acquire the exclusive rights
to market POWERx related Internet services to 700,000 providers, 346,000
doctors, 56,000 pharmacies, 50,000 POWERx users, and POWERx clients. Financial
arrangements were not disclosed. ESVS intends to extend special Internet
health services to Fortune 500 and other clients of POWERx, which it said
expected to reach 30 million consumers by the year 2000.

“We expect to close the acquisition of an online shopping concern
within 30 days, and the Medibanx database provides a substantial ‘jump start’
for our expansion in this area,” said Steve Bostic, national sales manager
of Enhanced Services.

“The combination of POWERx and Enhanced
Services, under the new Medibanx.com division, will further leverage ESVS’s
position as an industry leader in advertising, e-commerce and now, the
expansion into the medical healthcare resource arena.”

National Health & Safety is a national provider of low-cost healthcare
benefits, primarily to small businesses, national associations, trade
organizations, and consumer groups. Its medical network, similar to a national
PPO in structure, includes about 65% of the nation’s hospitals and doctors,
about 95% of the nation’s pharmacies, plus national networks of dentists,
psychologists, home nursing specialists, chiropractors and other
health care providers, the company said.

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