Google Adds Auto-Filtering Feature to Gmail

Google’s never been afraid to try something new and the latest enhancement to its ubiquitous Gmail service, Priority Inbox, attempts to make sense of the most-used and, often, least-organized app of all.

As Small Business Computing reports, the new Priority Inbox feature on Gmail attempts to incorporate a little intuition and prioritization to the email triage most users undertake every time they log on.

Priority Inbox provides a three-pane, vertical view of email messages, organizing them into the categories of important and unread, starred and “everything else.”

Gmail already gives you the option of clicking a star button next to messages they consider important or that require follow up. Clicking on the starred view shows only those messages. But much like clicking on a folder in Microsoft Outlook, the starred view requires action on your part.

With Priority Inbox, Google said it is using technology to predict what messages are most important to an individual.

The battle against information overload may never be completely won, but Google said its latest innovation is an effective weapon.

On Tuesday the search giant launched Priority Inbox, a new way for people who use Gmail to manage their email messages. Unlike filtering options that organize incoming emails into different folders, Priority Inbox doesn’t require any special set up, though there are a number of customization options.

Also, you can continue to use the traditional Gmail inbox view or switch to the new Priority Inbox view at any time — both are accessible from the left-hand column of folder options in Gmail above the starred items, sent mail, drafts and spam folders.

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