Skype Looks to ‘Connect’ With Enterprises

With rumors swirling that enterprise networking colossus Cisco is looking to buy Skype, the popular VoIP service is busy rolling out its own ways to expand its footprint in the workplace.

That now includes Skype Connect, a way to more closely link Skype’s VoIP service with IP-enabled PBXes or Unified Communications systems.

With Skype Connect running, businesses can migrate some of their voice calling activity to Skype’s often-cheaper service. It also paves the way for improved interactivity, like advanced routing from a click-to-call link on a company’s webpage. VoIP Planet takes a look at the new Skype Connect offering and what it delivers for both enterprises and the VoIP firm.

Looking to bridge the flexibility and cost-savings of Voice over IP (VoIP) Internet calling with traditional PBX services, Skype launched Skype Connect 1.0, the latest addition to the company’s Skype for Business product line.

The news comes at a time when Cisco is rumored to have made an offer to buy Skype, according to a report in TechCrunch. In any case, the company is forging ahead with its own efforts to beep its enterprise cred with Skype Connect, which works with IP-enabled PBX or Unified Communications (UC) systems and is designed to reduce the fees enterprises pay for outbound calls from desktop phones to landlines and mobile devices worldwide — they can be billed at Skype’s typically lower standard per-minute rates.

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Skype Woos Enterprise With Skype Connect

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