Google Brings Enterprise Search to the Cloud

Can your enterprise search engine comb through the postings on Twitter to retrieve relevant content? How about external blogs, or other industry sites? Google is aiming to do just that with a significant upgrade to its Google Search Appliance (GSA), the company’s enterprise offerings.

With Cloud Connect for GSA, Google is seeking to deliver personalized results in enterprise searches, scouring a potpourri of sources, including the company’s cloud-based Google Docs and sites and a slew of tailored content from the broader Web. Datamation takes a look at Google’s play for federated search in the enterprise.

Google’s enterprise search solution, the Google Search Appliance (GSA), now reaches beyond an organization’s data repositories to connect to cloud-based sources of content. The new Cloud Connect feature for the GSA lets users get personalized results from cloud sources including Google’s (NASDAQ: GOOG) own Google Docs and Sites as well as Twitter, blogs and industry sites.

Available now, Cloud Connect lets GSA users search across both on-premises and cloud-based sources of content without any additional hardware.

Read the full story at Datamation:

Google’s Search Appliance Connects to the Cloud

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