Google Snaps Up Metaweb in Semantic Web Play

Google’s shopping spree doesn’t show any signs of letting up, as the Web behemoth continues to open its wallet to acquire firms with niche technologies that can augment its developing business lines.

The latest target is Metaweb, a firm specializing in semantic Web technology that Google has acquired to improve its search engine. Specifically, Google thinks that Metaweb’s database of real-world items can help it produce ordered and accurate results in response to specific, complex search queries. DevX has the details.

In the latest in a string of acquisitions, Google has unveiled plans to purchase Metaweb, a firm that maintains a vast open source database of information about objects in the real world.

Through the acquisition, Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) aims to provide a smarter search engine that will be able to retrieve more specific answers to complex queries.

Read the full story at DevX:

Google Snags Semantic Web Firm Metaweb

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