Rackspace Teams With NASA in Cloud Play

With its complex images and massive datasets, NASA’s storage and computing needs are considerable. So it’s no surprise that the agency is exploring its options in the cloud.

And now it’s found itself a partner. After doing some work in-house and evaluating the solutions on the market, NASA has teamed with Rackspace to develop OpenStack, a project geared for building large enterprise clouds that the groups hope will attract a broad ecosystem of developers. Server Watch has the details.

Cloud hosting vendor Rackspace is teaming up with NASA to launch a new open source effort for building large enterprise clouds. Officially called the OpenStack project, the effort will involve both compute and storage elements, enabling users to build large distributed pools of connected resources.

The OpenStack project builds on efforts already underway by both Rackspace and the space agency. Rackspace had been developing its own cloud storage technology, while NASA, by way of its Nebula project, was building out a distributed compute fabric.

Read the full story at Server Watch:

Rackspace, NASA Partner on OpenStack Cloud Computing Install

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